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Coming out of Covid, InventTour provides the industry with a simple way to reignite old relationships, and to forge new ones, while cutting out a huge amount of the laborious groundwork involved in communicating information using old and traditional methods.

A challenge faced throughout the travel industry is the ability for suppliers to market to and distribute up to date information to tour operators and travel agents located all over the world, and to ensure this information reaches the right person at the right time, in particular the client facing travel consultant.

Brochures become redundant very quickly, emails get lost and overlooked and are inefficient, and file sharing services require everyone involved to constantly double check static documents to ensure the most current file is saved and downloaded.

InventTour solves these challenges by:

  1. Providing a central database which can easily and efficiently be kept accurate and up to date by the suppliers themselves
  2. Creating a direct connection between suppliers and travel agents to facilitate communication, distribution of information, and targeted marketing to the trade
  3. Allowing detailed rates, including contracted nett rates, to be easily uploaded and made immediately accesssible to relevant buyers, thereby cutting out errors and queries regarding rates sheets and pricing details
  4. Promoting news and updates onto a central news hub which is filterable by destination and property, and which ensures the industry has one accessible point to keep abreast of current situations.

With a lot of the industry losing touch with destinations and operators during Covid, InventTour provides a simple solution for agents to get straight back on track, and to immediately reignite old relationships and also find new partners and destinations to help rebuild our industry.

As all travel agents are aware, the time and admin involved in searching for and validating property rates and information is one of the most time and labour consuming parts of creating quotes and itineraries.   Creating a travel itinerary requires the combination and collaboration of numerous different operators, all of whom provide their information in different formats and in different methods.

Travel agents deal with thousands of different properties in hundreds of different destinations, and ensuring they have the most up to date information to provide to their clients is a constant and laborious task.   With clients constantly looking for faster and faster turnarounds of quotes and answers to queries, travel agents can be caught in a maze of documents and web searches to find information which should be readily available to them. 

InventTour solves these challenges by:

  1. Providing one central point for agents to access all relevant booking information, including property details as well as their specific nett rates or commission
  2. Configuring all property information so it is in the same format, making it easy for agents to know exactly where to look each time
  3. Providing a search function for agents to find properties, and the information they need for those properties, that fit their clients' requirements, even in unfamiliar destinations
  4. Providing a news hub which allows agents to search for updates in the exact locations and for the exact properties they are working with in an itinerary, to ensure they can be kept up to date whenever necessary.

No.   InventTour is an information portal and resource centre, and not a booking engine.   As such, InventTour is not in competition with any travel agents or suppliers, and does not work on a commission or preferred basis.   The purpose of InventTour is to work with both sides of the travel industry, to facilitate communication and help with efficiency for the trade.

InventTour will happily work side by side with any other system, as it offers a range of functions which are not offered by anything else.   As an independent system and resource centre, with the ability to distribute nett rates and target specific agents, InventTour provides suppliers with a new and different way to communicate with the travel trade, and can quickly open up new markets and buyers for you.

InventTour can happily work side by side with any other system, as it offers a range of functions which are not offered by anything else.   As an independent system and resource centre, InventTour complements company specific databases and opens up a whole range of different products and destinations, and a simple way to access new information.

Please contact us on info@inventtour.com to discuss the pricing options for your requirements.

No.  One of the beauties of InventTour is that you have the ability to assign different tiers of rates to individual agents, and those agents will only be able to see the specific tiers allocated to them.

If you have not assigned any tiers to an agent, then they will only be able to see your rack rates.

InventTour was originally being built as a database to be used in-house by African Ubuntu Safaris (please see the About section for more details), and we had already spent time loading property information into the database before re-designing the system to be used industry-wide.   We have kept a large portion of this previously loaded information in the updated system and database.

As most of that information was loaded some time ago, and was gathered from a number of different information sources, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of it, so we urge you to double check it and update it as necessary.

InventTour provides a free listing option, so there will be no cost to you for registering and updating your property's information.

Properties that have been updated and verified by their owners will have this indicated on their page.

Yes, at this stage, but we will open it up to other tourism services soon.

Yes.  InventTour is a system for all properties which would like to engage with the travel industry and be sold by travel agents.  

Because of our experience and network in the African travel industry, we are initially rolling InventTour out to African suppliers.   However we will be expanding InventTour to different destinations.

No.   InventTour is completely independent, and has no preferred arrangements with any properties or travel companies.   Although InventTour has been developed by the team from African Ubuntu Safaris, African Ubuntu Safaris is not taking on any new bookings, and is only dealing with travellers who booked pre-Covid and have postponed their trips.

As such, there is no conflict of interest, and InventTour remains a completely independent and separate company.

Absolutely.   We strongly encourage feedback from our users, and are more than happy to take suggestions for continued development and any improvements.   Please email us at info@inventtour.com and let us know your requests and feedback!