Migori-Tarime Service Is Back! Breakfast in the Mara, Lunch in Serengeti – A Possibility Once Again

Posted by Gamewatchers & Porini Camps

We are excited to share some good news.

Both Airkenya & Safarilink resume the Migori-Tarime service on 10th February 2022 following a greenlight by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA). Effectively the Maasai Mara to Serengeti service will effectively resume the same day!

The 45-minute flight to Migori airstrip via Airkenya leaves Mara at 0815 hrs to arrive at 0900 hrs. Thereafter, the guests are transferred in an air-conditioned bus to Tarime airstrip with a brief stopover at Isebania for the immigration process.The onward flight leaves Tarime airstrip at 1010 hrs to arrive in Serengeti National Park at 1120 hrs, serviced Regional Air Services

Via Safarilink the connection from Mara to Serengeti (and v.v.)‚ is offered in conjunction with Coastal Aviation and is accessible via Migori (on the Kenyan side) and Tarime (on the Tanzanian side) near the border point of Isabania. The connection involves a short scenic road transfer between the two strips of Migori and Tarime‚ it is a convenient and time saving option for clients wanting to experience both the Serengeti and Masai Mara.

The service operates daily subject to minimum 2 pax per strip‚ starting from the Tanzanian side with Coastal Aviation picking clients from the various strips in Serengeti (according to number of pax booked) from approximately 0820 and arriving at Tarime by 1025. There is a road transfer via Isabania border point for immigration clearance‚ before proceeding to Migori on the Kenyan side‚ where clients will connect onto the Safarilink flight to Masai Mara departing at 1215. The reverse of this schedule from Masai Mara to Serengeti departs the Mara at 1130 to arrive at Migori at 1200 where clients are met for the road transfer to Tarime via Isabania. Arrival at Tarime is approximately 1330 to meet the Coastal aircraft that departs at 1400 for the Serengeti destinations.