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Tanzania e-visa update

We've heard a few reports that folks are having trouble with the Tanzania e-visa website.   A minimum of ten days is required to process the e-visa (we recommend 2 to 3 weeks). Take a minute to read the official guidance here or click here for our visa guidance.   Follow instructions to the letter - and you should be right as rain.

Visas are available on arrival:

If you're in any doubt, don't forget visas are available on arrival for many nationalities but make sure you have the following:

  • Time to spare (bear this in mind if you have a connecting flight)
  • The correct amount of US dollars to pay in cash
  • A pen to complete the forms - if provided by the airline, complete the form before you land and head straight for the visa booth
  • Nomad contact information or details of your first hotel

Health surveillance form:

Travellers are required to fill in a health surveillance form before arrival. However, the site is down for maintenance. Until it's up again, please arrive with a printed copy of your vaccine certificate and a printed copy of the public notice found here.

Everything you need to know:

For the fully vaxxed, there are no PCR or rapid test requirements to enter Tanzania. Unvaxxed/not-fully-vaxxed will still need a negative PCR and a rapid test on arrival. It's all spelled out in our guide here.

We're doing all we can to make it irresistibly seamless and simple - so if there's anything on your mind, don't hesitate to hit up our team of experts.

Wildest wishes,

the Nomads x

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