About - InventTour


InventTour is a comprehensive and dynamic accommodation inventory accessible to each layer of the tourism industry, allowing an efficient and valuable communication and marketing channel between suppliers and agents.

Being provided with their own unique “accommodation centre”, suppliers can efficiently, accurately and affordably distribute nett rates, rack rates, images, and all relevant property information to all levels in the travel supply chain.

As a central resource, easily maintained by suppliers themselves, InventTour ensures that extensive, up to date information is only one click away for the travel trade, and with the incorporation of a News Hub and an accessible database of agents, it is a revolutionary way for suppliers to market, communicate and distribute information to agents around the world.

By focusing on the B2B chain, InventTour allows agents to easily access the information they require to help with quoting and sales, while also being able to search for accommodation options to suit their clients’ requirements.

The idea for InventTour was sparked by the team at African Ubuntu Safaris, as we were constantly searching for a cost effective, user friendly rates and information database which could easily distribute accurate and up to date information to our team of consultants. As we were never able to find an option which we felt perfectly took into account the intricacies of African tailor made travel, we embarked on developing our own.

Although the initial plan was to utilise InventTour to grow our own business, it became clear in 2020 that what we had created would be of benefit to the entire industry. Our focus since the onset of Covid has been to design the system to be able to provide all suppliers and agents a cost effective and easy way to maintain their trade relationships, and to develop new ones, as we enter a whole new way of selling travel.

Having been involved in African tourism since 2005 in roles including overlanding, safari guiding and operations, sales and marketing, agency set up, management and ownership, we have used our intimate knowledge of the travel supply chain to create a system which efficiently connects all layers and provides simple marketing and communication tools to the industry.

With Covid having such a devastating impact on the travel trade, our goal for InventTour is to help maintain, re-establish and create new partnerships, by providing a simple solution for connecting suppliers and agents. We are continuously working on new development, and are committed to the long term rebuilding of our beloved tourism industry.