Yes, you are able to contribute to community projects by supporting the Sabi Sabi Foundation. For more information on the various projects, visit this link: Sabi Sabi Foundation

Yes, children of all ages are welcome at Bush Lodge where we also offer child-minding services (at an extra cost) and child-friendly meal options. Unless booked exclusively, only children over the age of 13 are welcome at Earth Lodge, Selati Camp and Little Bush Camp.

Guests wishing to bring their firearm to the Reserve need to adhere to the following.
• Provide a letter to justify the reason for wanting to bring the firearm into the Reserve
• Provide a copy of your ID and fire-arm license

All information given will the be submitted to the Sabi Sand Wildtuin for final approval.

All our meals can be adjusted to meet your dietary requirements. For our Kosher guests, please bear in mind, Kosher meals need to be arranged ahead of time and flown in to the Lodges. This would incur an additional cost.

Sabi Sabi is accessible by road from Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA), and the nearest towns, Skukuza and Hazyview.
KMIA - Sabi Sabi: two (2) hours via public roads
Skukuza - Sabi Sabi: 45 minutes up to one (1) hour on private roads in a safari vehicle
Hazyview - Sabi Sabi: 45 minutes via public roads.

In order for you to fully enjoy each of our immersive experiences as well as enjoy ultimate relaxation at our lodges, we recommend a three (3) to four (4) night stay.

Sabi Sabi is not in Kruger National park. We are situated in a private reserve that forms part of the Greater Kruger area. We share an unfenced border with Kruger National Park in the south and the Sabi Sand Wildtuin in the north.

Each of our four luxury five-star lodges has a distinctive character and atmosphere. All our lodges epitomise comfort and opulence ensuring that each and every guest experiences true African magic during their stay. Each lodge upholds the exceptional Sabi Sabi standard and exudes a unique style.

There are various ways of getting to Sabi Sabi
By vehicle:
- If you choose to fly-in to Skukuza Airport from Cape Town or Johannesburg (daily flights), from which we have direct access, a road transfer can take up to one (1) hour.
- Road transfers from KMIA can take up to two (2) hours - Self-drive from Johannesburg on National roads can take up to five (5) hours.
- Access is via Shaws Gate which is situated 38km from Hazyview on the Portia Shabangu road towards Paul Kruger Gate.
By plane:
- You can fly direct to our private airstrip with Federal Air from Johannesburg, or from anywhere on your own private plane (Please contact us for details regarding flying in on your own plane)

The Sabie Game Reserve Conservation Levy is a small and mandatory conservation levy that supports our efforts towards conservation and anti-poaching on our reserve.

We recommend wearing informal and comfortable, neutral-coloured clothing such as:
• Long slacks/ trousers for safaris
• Good walking shoes
• Cotton shirts/ blouses
• A warm fleece or jacket, hat or beanie and gloves for mornings and cooler days

We also have a range of clothing available in our boutique shops for purchases.

Sabi Sabi can be visited all year round. Each season at Sabi Sabi is beautiful in its own way and our experienced team ensures the best safari experience no matter the time of year.

Earth Lodge is priced at a higher rate as it is our Premier Lodge symbolising a new era in luxury South African safari lodges. Sculpted into a slope of the earth, almost invisible in the landscape, the sophisticated lodge offers unique and unparalleled experiences with ultimate exclusivity and privacy.

We offer immersive and optional experiences from the lodge that include environmental walking safaris allowing you to see the surrounding wilderness on foot, a full-day community tour that gives you an authentic local cultural experience. We also encourage guests to visit our Amani spas, where they can relax and enjoy rejuvenating treatments.

Bush Lodge has a dedicated suite with wheelchair access. The Bush Lodge suite has also been designed internally for mobility challenged guests.

Room service is not offered outside of mealtimes, however, should guests request to dine in their suites during meal times, we will be happy to oblige.

Yes, there is WiFi in all suites and main areas of the lodge, although signal may be intermittent due to our remote location. Please note that we ask that all phones be switched to silent in the main areas to maintain the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, on safari we request that devices be switched to Airplane mode and all geotagging functions should be switched off to help with conservation efforts.

Our family suites do not contain interleading doors, however they are large enough to welcome families of four in a comfortable and private space.

There are no TV's in the suite. On occasion, we can screen an event in our conference room.

Yes, however, signal may be intermittent due to our remote location.

Each Lodge carries a fully stocked and up to date first-aid kit and we have a team of staff members who are qualified first aiders able to treat certain medical emergencies. We have a full-time nurse on site, and have a medical doctor on call if required.

there is a mini-bar in every suite.
The mini-bar is complimentary if you have booked with us on a drinks inclusive rate.
Please double-check which rate you have booked with us.

No, we offer an all-inclusive experience for kids up to 12 years of age.

The EleFun Children's Centre is a fun, safe and educational space at Bush Lodge, where your children can be looked after by our trained professionals. The Centre caters for children between 4 and 12 years old and has been designed to foster an awareness and appreciation for nature through fun and educational games and activities.

Sabi Sabi is located in a low-risk malaria area, however, we always recommend each guest to consult your travel clinic before travelling. Mosquitos are mostly present during the warmer months, however our temperature controlled suites contain repellant sprays and plug-in repellents. We also have mosquito nets over the beds at Selati Camp, Bush Lodge, Little Bush Camp and Earth Lodge. We are not situated in a yellow-fever area, although we recommend consulting your travel clinic if you are travelling to other countries where a vaccination may be required

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A Sabi Sabi community tour

Be moved by the warmth of Africa’s people

For over 4 decades, Sabi Sabi has been refining the balance of tourism, conservation and community. Take a tour and learn how these visits make a meaningful contribution to improving the lives of many.

Click here to read more

International fare with a fresh African twist

The magical bush setting, the locally sourced ingredients, the talented chefs and the sprinkle of Sabi Sabi flavour blend together to create unforgettable dining experiences.

Click here to read more

Have fun for the kids!

A Sabi Sabi game drive

Journeys of anticipation, discoveries and delight

The start of every game drive is like a blank page just waiting to be filled with tales of adventure to last a lifetime. Mother Nature never fails to amaze.

Click here to read more

The Sabi Sabi wildlife experience

Enjoy close encounters and gain fresh perspectives that will invigorate your senses and shift your understanding of nature’s beauty forever.

Click here to read more

A Sabi Sabi game drive

Journeys of anticipation, discoveries and delight

The start of every game drive is like a blank page just waiting to be filled with tales of adventure to last a lifetime. Mother Nature never fails to amaze.

Click here to read more

Unwind in untamed wilderness

Escape to the freedom of the bush where all you need do is relax, observe and rejuvenate. Nature’s unhurried pace and beauty has a healing effect where you instinctively reflect and reconnect with yourself and strengthen ties with those you love most.

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A Sabi Sabi walking safari

Being in the wilderness at ground level is
a different kind of thrill

Moving in silence, your heart beats to the excitement of adventuring through nature's wildest of gardens, while your experienced guide shares knowledge about the interconnected elements of the bush.

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* Age limits apply

Seasonal or on request


Guests staying at Little Bush Camp will have access to Amani Spa either at Bush Lodge or Earth Lodge

Seasonal or on request

Safety Policies & Procedures
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Conservation & Community

Sabi Sabi represents an excellent example of the link between tourism, conservation and community.   Sustainable ecotourism supports conservation that in turn allows for community involvement. This is a fragile balance whereby all three of these components are integral to the successful running of the operation.

This is a Sabi Sabi supported initiative running within the community. It comprises a care centre for HIV orphans and vulnerable youth, where day care facilities are available for children living with guardians. The centre offers meals, educational activities and a safe after-school environment for children. Sabi
Sabi has incorporated Swa Vana into the community tour ensuring that they benefit financially through the proceeds from the tour.

The centre serves as a multifunctional environmental education centre, promotes Shangaan knowledge and rural development tourism to the area and encourages local environmental conservation practices through training workshops. Today the centre employs six local teachers who are providing much needed adult literacy and numeracy education to the villagers

For many years Sabi Sabi has co-ordinated and run the conservation modules of the Teach the Teachers and Reach and Teach Education Programmes. To date the programme has trained over 120 teachers from neighbouring community schools.

In conjunction with the Dreamfield’s programme Sabi Sabi has launched a sports initiative by funding full sports kits for soccer and netball teams for more than a dozen schools in the local community. These kits include balls, boots and uniforms, items which are completely out of reach of the general village family. A great number of children will now have everything required to start up a league, inspire participation and foster joyful, healthy activity and team spirit.

This is an internal training programme started by Executive Chef, Wilfred Mtshali. Chef Wilfred saw an opportunity in the local community to offer school leavers who showed an interest in the culinary arts the opportunity of joining the Sabi Sabi Chefs Mentorship Programme. Since 2015 many students have come through the programme, with an internal year-long training module at the four Sabi Sabi lodges, with the support of funds from Sabi Sabi. This initiative has had great success since its inception and has seen a number of graduates learning their way through the culinary world under the auspices of Wilfred Mtshali.  Apart from the in-house experiential learnership programme they also attend training through the South African Chefs Association (SACA) where they are also registered members.

Sabi Sabi is excited to support a new water supply project in conjunction with InnovationAfrica South Africa NPC (iASA). It is apparent that the supply of potable water is an essential need in many of our neighbouring communities. Unfortunately, the supply of water is a major challenge given the historical deficiencies in architecture and developmental neglect within the community areas surrounding the reserve. Water supply remains a stark challenge and again is brought to light given the overriding importance of strict hand-washing and hygiene requirements in the current pandemic.  Fortunately, a solution to this quandary exists – and the innovative technology has been pioneered and tested by a remarkable not-for-profit company Innovation: Africa. The Sabi Sabi Foundation are delighted to announce that the construction of the first solar water tower has been completed. This will supply sustainable potable water to a sizeable part of the Huntington community, with approximately 10 taps throughout the village, providing over 50,000 litres of water daily. The completion of this first project has benefitted and alleviated pressure on many households, and additional projects are planned following the completion of the first construction.
The community further benefits from these projects with members of that community being employed per project, where they undergo training to participate in the construction process and further trained to oversee the maintenance of the project, with the ongoing support of iASA.

Of course one of the very real problems facing the rural areas bordering the reserves is the very high rate of unemployment. With over 230 staff members, most of whom come from the surrounding communities, Sabi Sabi is a major contributor of employment in the area. To further stimulate local economics, projects have been designed with the aim of creating practical and dignified sources of income and opportunity for the villagers.

Sabi Sabi resolved to support rural businesses by outsourcing to the local community wherever possible. Outsourced Lodge services such as gardening, thatching, washing and waste removal have helped many local entrepreneurs maintain viable businesses. Talented community choirs, marimba bands and traditional dance groups have been formed and are hired whenever entertainment is requested by lodge visitors.

Booking T's & C's

Please click here to view and download our various booking policies, terms and conditions for all types of travellers, and also look through the documents list on this page

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Australia - Rob Gurr (Ynot Concepts)
Number: +61 488 770 711
Email: rob@ynotconcepts.com
Little Bush Camp
Number: +27 13 735 5080
Email: littlebushreception@sabisabi.com
Sabi Sabi Head Office
Number: +27 11 447 7172
Email: res@sabisabi.com
URL: https://www.sabisabi.com/contact-us