Kazile Island Lodge is located approximately 1114 km northeast of Windhoek.
• To reach the lodge, visitors take the B1 from Windhoek to and until Otavi.
• At Otavi, turn right on the B10 and go northeast until Rundu.
• At Rundu, go east on the B8.
• For 200 km where you will cross the Okavango River at Divundu. You will cross a police checkpoint. From the
Divundu checkpoint you will drive a further 195 km until you reach the next police check point on the Kwando River.
• From this police checkpoint, drive a further 7 km to the Kongola Filling Station where you turn right onto the C49.
• You continue on the C49 for 11 km where you will see the turnoff to Kazile Island Lodge on the right handside
(western side of the road). There is also a lay-bye under a big tree on the right handside.
• Turn off at the sign and follow this dirt road for 2.4 km. You will reach the river parking area where you will be met
for your transfer to the lodge.
• You do not require a 4X4 for the 2.7 km dirt road to the Kazile boat station.
• Your car can be parked safely at the Kazile boat station.
• A short 5-minute boat cruise along the Kwando River will take you to Kazile Island Lodge.

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