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The Mugie Rangers are based close by with a team of bloodhounds who are used for daily anti-poaching patrols. Visit their headquarters to learn about the work they do, and experience the power of their keen scenting skills with a tracking demonstration.

Ask the manager to book a visit for you to meet the dogs and their handlers. If they are available, they will be happy for you to participate in a mock search, to demonstrate the hounds incredible sense of smell, with you hidden away as the ‘poacher’! You’ll be impressed with just how quickly they find you! A small gratuity given directly to the handlers will be greatly appreciated if you enjoyed your experience with them.

Mugie Dam is Kenya's third largest private dam with 156 acres of surface area to explore. The dam welcomes a variety of game which comes to drink or graze along the shore - especially elephants that are partial to a playful dip in its refreshing waters.

Governors' Mugie House has four beautiful Canadian canoes which guests can enjoy during an early morning's entertainment. Canoeing on the dam offers a thrilling opportunity to view wildlife from the water, out in the open air, armed with the spirit of adventure.

If a family of elephants happens to be bathing at the same time, rest assured that you have just witnessed one of life's most enchanting adventures.

Please note that for safety reasons, participants must be 12 years and over for canoeing excursions.

Catch and release 

Research on predators in the area has seen two lionesses collared in order to monitor the pride’s movements and better understand where interactions occur, that can lead to human-wildlife conflict.

Guests can join the tracking team to look for collared lions. Please note, the topography and simple equipment mean that tracking can be challenging. However, guests will learn about the use of this technology and how it assists the Conservancy in aiding pastoralists and wildlife to live alongside each other.

Tala is most definitely one of Mugie's ‘cast of characters’! At just a few days old, Tala was brought to Mugie Conservancy by a local herder after she began following his herd of goats. She was cared for by Margaret, who quickly became her surrogate mother. Now four years old, she wanders freely within the conservancy, but often returns to her chosen ‘home’ at the Head Quarters - where the staff are quite accustomed to being overseen by this towering presence!

* Age limits apply

Enjoy a round of golf on this 9-hole private course, which is also Kenya’s most northern golf course! Caddys are available to help you whether you are a beginner or a pro. A tip is suggested for the caddy as they are not employees of Governors’ Mugie House. Golf clubs are provided if you would like to borrow them.

The golf course is also a perfect place for a walk or jog, or a spot of birdwatching!

* Age limits apply

Visit the Samburu

We are now offering guests another truly authentic cultural experience from Governors’ Mugie – a visit to a nearby Samburu homestead. Interested guests will learn first hand about this colourful and culturally rich tribe.

You will be welcomed inside their home, which is made of wattle and plastered with a mixture of cow dung and earth. The houses are dark and smoke from their constantly mouldering fireplace fills the air inside.

Well-used gourds are prized possessions, used to make the traditional drink of cows blood and milk. The houses are divided into two small rooms, one for the women and children and the other for the man. 

Outside you will enjoy a vibrant song and dance performance by the ladies, learn how to make a fire in the traditional way by rubbing two sticks together and will have an opportunity to appreciate all of the comings and goings of Samburu daily life.

Visit the Pokot

Guests staying at Governors’ Mugie have the opportunity to visit the Pokot at a nearby village and learn about the traditions and customs of this colourful tribe who hail from the districts of West Pokot and Baringo.

Watch highly adorned women carry out vibrant song and dance while an elderly lady prepares cloth out of a goat hide. Meanwhile, a village elder demonstrates the art of fire making by rubbing two pieces of wood of different hardnesses together and other men play a fast-paced game of ‘bao’ in the sand.

You are also welcome to take a peek inside one of their homes and understand the importance of gourds; how they are made and the way in which they are used to store milk.

This is a truly fascinating experience and should not be missed. There is a fee of Ksh 15,000 (approximately USD 115, rate depending) to visit the Pokot, regardless of guest group size and this activity should be booked in advance where possible.

* Age limits apply

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