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Time + Tide Miavana

Country: Madagascar

Destination: Nosy Ankao

Property Group: Time + Tide

Style: Beach Resort

Number of Rooms: 14

Online availability: Click Here

An exhilarating helicopter ride over mountains, baobabs and shipwrecks dotting the wild coastline ends in a gentle landing on a remote private island off the coast of Madagascar.    Rediscover your sense of wonder in a place where luxury means stepping foot where no man has before, surrounded by an unspoiled horizon.   Raw and refined, Miavana brings together exclusivity and adventure as well as travel and conservation.   Contribute to the long-term sustainability of the region simply by visiting. At around 10 square kilometres in size, this intimate haven is just the place to escape and unwind.

Miavana is located on the largest of five islands in a remote archipelago off the northeastern coast of Madagascar, accessible only by helicopter from Diego Suarez and Nosy Be airports. Discovered 30 years ago by our partner Jean Christophe, an entrepreneur and treasure hunter who believed in conserving the area, this archipelago is a natural wonderland waiting to be explored.

Miavana has an interesting history – a transient location for seasonal fisherman, then a secret hideaway for pirates, and more recently a thriving seaweed farm, thanks its nutrient-rich waters. In 1998, Ibis Algoculture was created as a way to preserve the area, reduce fishing pressure and provide alternate employment through algae production. Still in operation, the seaweed farm moved to a nearby location and made way for sustainable tourism on Miavana, Madagascar’s most exclusive private island resort with conservation and community at its core.

It took four years to create Miavana. Four years of planting over 100,000 indigenous trees, painstakingly restoring the natural vegetation and using only natural and recycled materials to create the ultimate private villas. Dotted along the pristine beach, Miavana’s 14 villas are a masterpiece in luxury. Fringed by white sand shores and sprawling coral reefs, Miavana stays true to the island’s secluded roots, creating a luxurious haven where guests can enjoy our signature Miavana experience.

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