• Check-in is 1.5 hours prior for domestic and 3 hours prior for international departures.
• Scheduled regional and inter-lodge flights may involve multiple stops before reaching destination. Flights are operated as “shuttle transfers” and therefore departure times and scheduling are only confirmed the day before travel and may vary up to 1 hour. Times are subject to change without notice. Flight scheduling will be communicated to camp managers or hotel guest relations.
• In the event of bad weather airlines reserve the right to drop guests off at the nearest serviceable airstrip which may mean a road transfer for guests to get to their destination. Any costs resulting from such diversions would be for your own account.
• Some shuttle inter-lodge flights may depart very early in the morning which means you will miss your morning activity. Regrettably, this is beyond our control as flights are scheduled to meet onward flight transfers and connecting flights out of the various international airports. If a specific departure time is required, a private charter would need to be booked and paid for

In summer, very.

Please note: As from 1 November 2018 the use of plastic carrier bags and plastic flat bags will no longer be allowed in Botswana and it will be considered an offence if found with one.
As a general guide, comfortable, casual wash & wear clothes recommended. Muted colours are recommended for game viewing. Game drives are generally conducted in the early morning and late afternoon which can be very cold, especially in winter.
The most practical items to pack for safari are:
• Khaki, green, beige and neutral colours (Camouflage-patterned clothing is not permitted in Zimbabwe. This applies to any clothing that can be construed as mimicking military-wear.)
• Shirts with long sleeves (even in summer, as protection from the sun and mosquitoes)
• T shirts
• Shorts or a light skirt
• Jeans or safari trousers for evenings and cooler days
• Jackets and sweaters are recommended for early morning and evening game drives
• Lightweight water-proof jacket
• Swim and beachwear
• Comfortable walking shoes
• Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, insect repellent, moisturizer and lip-salve are all essentials
• Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion supplied at camps)
• Personal medications
• Binoculars and camera equipment

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