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Bushtops Safari Camps

Luxury Safaris in Kenya & Tanzania

Our family-run Bushtops Camps are dedicated to the most luxurious and exciting wildlife viewing on the planet – but also something more.

Many hundreds of thousands of years ago, our African ancestors gathered around fires to tell stories and share warmth. Today, our historic locations, wild encounters and Bushtops campfires help guests reconnect with our shared history and what really matters to all of us: nature, people, time – and the human spirit.

Serengeti Bushtops Camp

Country: Tanzania

Destination: Serengeti National Park

Property Group: Bushtops Safari Camps

Style: Safari Camp

Number of Rooms: 15

We never forget that you are at Serengeti Bushtops for the wildlife, so our goal is to ensure you enjoy a succession of unique, thrilling safari experiences. Our specially converted, open 4×4 vehicles make the most of every Serengeti drama during morning, evening and full day game drives. Our excellent guides will help you pick out the action, but also the perfect secluded spot for breaks and picnics.

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Mara Bushtops

Country: Kenya

Destination: Masai Mara

Property Group: Bushtops Safari Camps

Style: Safari Camp

Number of Rooms: 12

Mara Bushtops is set within our own private wildlife reserve. Alongside the Masai, access to the Conservancy is exclusive to our Bushtops guests, who benefit from private night and off-road game drives, walking safaris direct from the Camp, sundowners, sunrises on the Sekenani hill and visits to the nearby Kakiya cave.

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