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CityBlue Hotels

CityBlue is a borderless, branded group of business-centric hotels in Eastern and Southern Africa’s major cities, supported by a world-class digital infrastructure.

As an African-born business which was founded in 2012 with immense passion, the ambition of this decade is to consolidate CityBlue as Africa’s fastest-growing local hotel chain.

While focused on business clientele, CityBlue’s current hotels are also conference-and-leisure-friendly, located in three African port cities, two major interior capitals and one secondary city on the Victoria Falls.

Urban by CityBlue

Country: Rwanda

Destination: Kigali

Property Group: CityBlue Hotels

Style: Hotel

Number of Rooms: 17

Perched atop a vantage point in the verdant city of Kigali with sweeping views of the city below, Urban by CityBlue is a trendy boutique hotel featuring 17 rooms of a variety of types for all needs and budgets too.

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