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Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

A luxury eco-reserve close to the Southern tip of Africa tucked between mountains, forest and sea.

A Melting Pot of Biodiversity, Culture and Natural Wonder


Grootbos Forest Lodge

Country: South Africa

Destination: Whale Coast

Style: Nature Lodge

Number of Rooms: 16

Nestled in an ancient Milkwood forest surrounded by rolling hills of fynbos and majestic mountains, the 2 luxury Lodges and 2 exclusive villas at Grootbos all offer breathtaking views and a complete immersion into the pristine natural surroundings.

The Forest Lodge is a sophisticated contemporary design with 16 freestanding suites carefully embedded in the ancient Milkwood forest, accessed via an enchanted cobbled pathway beneath the forest canopy.

Large glass doors open out onto spacious wooden decks perched over the forest canopy.

The main guest area features a variety of elegant dining venues, a bar, lounge, curio shop and conference centre, spacious wooden decks and an infinity pool.

Five-course dinners are served in the cosy restaurants with views of the Walker bay. Breakfast buffets, light lunches are also served in the restaurants. Picnics available on request.

The guiding team includes botanists and nature conservationists with all round knowledge of the flora, marine and bird life of the region.  Some of the vast varieties of activities you can enjoy are guided nature walks, beach picnics, coastal and cave tours, as well as bird watching excursions.

At extra cost are marine Big 5 boat-based tour to Dyer Island, shark cage diving, whale watching (June-December), quad biking, spa treatments, and much much more!

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Grootbos Private Villas - Villa 1

Villa 1

Country: South Africa

Destination: Whale Coast

Style: Villa (Exclusive Use)

Number of Rooms: 6

An idyllic getaway like no other

Enjoy the best of what Africa has to offer in truly luxurious style, while at the same time contributing to the preservation of the environment and the upliftment of local communities.

Quietly remote and expertly equipped, this stunning villa is truly the best of both worlds. The vastness of the surrounding environment offers a discreet sense of peace.

Choose from six elegantly yet uniquely different Suites. Each Suite boasts and individual flavour, tailored to your tastes and personality. And each blends immaculately with its breathtaking environment.

Enjoy a level of personal service that exceeds your expectations. A dedicated team of expert professionals will be on hand to meet your needs.

Meals are designed for your palate and your schedule. A personal Chef and Wine Steward will ensure that each meal is a memorable culinary experience, served when and where you desire.

Luxury amenities offer every pleasure and convenience. The Villa is at once state-of-the-art and discreetly in harmony with your natural surroundings.

Your stay at The Villa includes all meals and drinks, personalised service and curated experiences. Culinary masterpieces and precious memories are all part of the package.

With a private guide and access to a private vehicle, you can enjoy our vast variety of activities at your leisure while surrounded by understated opulence inspired by nature.

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Grootbos Private Villas - Villa 2

Country: South Africa

Destination: Whale Coast

Style: Villa (Exclusive Use)

Number of Rooms: 4

With exceptional facilities, dedicated staff and breathtaking surroundings, Grootbos Villas welcome you to the crafted getaway of a lifetime.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature, in a place that is home to an astounding array of flora, fauna and marine life.

Each of the Villas four Suites is different, unique in feel and personality. And while each one is unmistakably different, all Suites blend in seamlessly with their pristine natural surrounding.

A dedicated team of highly trained staff members are on hand to deliver to your every need. A personal Chef will prepare your meals at your leisure, while a personal Guide will curate your bush experience.

Meals are prepared according to your schedule, inviting you to dine whenever and wherever you desire. Each meal is freshly prepared using locally-sourced ingredients.

With this unspoiled natural environment, you will be thrilled to discover top-class facilities. Great attention to detail has been paid to your every luxury and convenience.

Our rates include all meals and drinks, personalised service and curated experiences. Your personal Chef will lovingly prepare your meals to suit your palate and your schedule.

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